Our Vision

  • Simplify investment strategies
  • Bring true value & risk efficiency to portfolios
  • Enable regional institutions to access global opportunities in primary & secondary markets

Our Values

  • Openness to ideas

    There is no mainstream or alternate. We are always open to new perspectives, products & structures.

  • Nimble & adaptable

    We are sensitive to market shifts & are quick to turnaround

  • Free of confirmation bias

    We validate our ideas based on research. We shun entrenched theories or comfortable thinking.

  • Research driven

    We invest in knowledge and learn constantly

  • No hierarchy

    Empowered teams make the biggest difference

Making opportunities and investors visible to each other

Our core team has spent the last three decades dealing with institutional clients across regions - Greater China, North Asia, South East Asia, India, Europe and MENA region.

A few facts became increasingly evident. Very often, the right class of investors and asset managers had no visibility to each other.

Regional financial institutions (RFIs) tended to go with known global asset managers who had the distribution machinery to reach them. Brand name was the criteria. So, huge swathes of products & geographies remained untapped due to lack of knowledge and access. Institutional focussed asset managers were dealing with the other side of the coin - too few investors.

This gap was too big to be ignored. We founded RG to act as a bridge:

To create and structure products that would excite big ticket investors, and get the most reputed asset managers to run them

Distribute the same to regional players thereby giving them access to global institutional sized opportunities

We are best positioned
to create, curate, connect

  • Team RG has over 100 years of cumulative experience, in sourcing and scaling assets across a wide range of geographies, clientele and products.
  • We specialise in driving growth by devising and implementing focused strategies through partnerships with leading financial services groups across Asia and Middle East.
  • We have an in-depth understanding of local distribution models, asset allocation patterns and growth areas; that can be matched by very few.
  • RG enjoys long standing relationships with regional asset managers, banks, fund of funds, securities firms and institutional investors.

Global Presence

We collaborate with asset managers and service clients across
Greater China, North Asia, South East Asia, India, Europe and MENA region.

Team RG

We are a diverse organisation with a core team of finance professionals, bankers and domain experts. Our top talent has worked across 30 geographies for the biggest names in both the buy and sell side. RG brings you 150 plus years of combined experience.