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Intellectual capital built through hands-on experience

We are a research driven investment platform, powered by an exceptional team with domain expertise in fund selection and distribution.

About RG Lab

ADDDing value

The RG Lab is our engine. We follow a 4 step process to transform ideas into feasible, performing products. We work with top 4 audit firms, tier 1 custodian banks, leading regulators, fund administrators and depository banks.

About us

  • Analyse & shortlist opportunities in primary and secondary markets

  • Do the complex due diligence required for multi-market, multi-geography investments

  • Design differentiated products with institutional quality asset managers in highly regulated jurisdictions, partnering with globally renowned service providers.

  • Distribute seamlessly to tap institutional and private capital across regions.

Create, Curate, Connect

Our extensive research helps us identify opportunity gaps that can add true value to a portfolio. We structure our ideas into products in collaboration with best-in-class asset managers.

The power of scale The beauty of detail

We mainstream opportunities in non-traditional assets, with strategies that are tailored to help institutions meet their own portfolio goals as well as those of their clients.

Investment Universe

  • Asset Based Finance

  • Fixed Income/ Credit

  • Regional/ Thematic

  • Private Equity

  • Quantitative Investing

  • Real Assets