Source of 'Alpha'

RG helps institutional investors generate uncorrelated, absolute returns to hedge their portfolios against the risk of dislocation in mainstream asset classes. We do this by identifying the exceptional breed of alpha-generating fund managers, through our proprietary framework for product conceptualization, creation and distribution.

  • At RG Lab, our intellectual capital hub, we research the global investing landscape – spanning a whole host of asset classes, products, strategies, etc. – every day, to come up with unique themes or ideas to generate true alpha.
  • We tap into our extensive partner network of asset management firms to identify those who are already running strategies based on similar ideas, or are open to co-creating new products along with us.
  • We go the last mile by distributing our products through a wide range of intermediaries across the financial services ecosystem, to sell or market these investment funds to investors seeking True Alpha.

5 criteria to deliver True Alpha

The skill to deliver uncorrelated, absolute returns on a risk-adjusted basis – and that too, on a sustainable, repeatable basis – is rare. And such outperformance requires superior skills in terms of actively selecting investment assets/securities that are distinct from the market. In order to identify investment managers with a proven track record of delivering alpha, we apply five filters/criteria:

Due Diligence

Creating institutional quality products means partnering with the right asset managers. The process of productizing ideas while ticking the boxes on regulatory requirements is becoming an art in itself. That’s why, at RG, due diligence is not a last-on-the-list item. It’s an integral part, right from the start.

We undertake due diligence at our own cost and follow a thorough methodology to evaluate potential partners or products. This gives us the agility to tap opportunities faster as the groundwork is already in place.

  • Performance track record

  • Team strength

  • Organisational culture

  • Leadership quality

  • Financials

  • Third party provider eco-system & relationships

  • IT infrastructure

  • Risk & compliance procedures


One of the biggest challenges today is finding the right product structure for strategies & ideas. Given the fiercely competitive eco-system, high investor expectation and complex tax and regulatory environments, the old playbooks just don’t hold good. At RG, we look at various commercial and legal angles, to make the fund structure tax efficient, cost effective, flexible, familiar to investors and robust, thereby enhancing its marketability and performance.

The following are key factors in our Fund creation process

  • Fund Domicile

  • Investor Objective

  • Regulatory landscape

  • Fund eco-system

  • Fee structuring

  • Risk Management procedures

  • Client reporting

  • Risk & compliance procedures


We reach and distribute products to institutional and regional players of scale across Greater China, North Asia, South East Asia, India, Europe and MENA region.