The power of scale
The beauty of detail

Our analysis leads us to identifying investment ideas, and then to classifying investment strategies under the following six categories:

  • Asset Based Finance

    ABF, also known as asset-based lending or commercial finance, has today emerged as a credible investment category worth trillions of dollars, and one with a proven, long-term track record.

  • Fixed Income/ Credit

    For investors looking to diversify their portfolios beyond equities, or seeking to preserve capital and generate income, fixed income offers a wide range of options.

  • Regional/ Thematic

    Regional investing aims to generate superior returns by gaining exposure to a fast-growing region. Thematic investing represents a conviction in a specific macroeconomic, geopolitical or technological trend – either nascent or well-established, or fast-evolving – that offers attractive opportunities to generate disproportionate returns.

  • Private Equity

    Private equity (PE) is a multi-trillion-dollar asset class today. Typically structured as illiquid pools of capital with a lock-in period of several years, Private equity funds invest in unlisted companies with a view to generating a high rate of return.

  • Quantitative Investing

    Quant investing involves the usage of tools such as advanced statistical and mathematical modelling, machine learning, computer systems and factor investing to estimate the optimal probability of undertaking a profitable trade.

  • Real Assets

    By delivering income, offering protection against inflation, and ensuring diversification beyond equities and bonds, the category of Real Assets (Real Estate, Infrastructure & Commodities) merits consideration in the playbook of every yield-seeking investor in a yield-hungry world.