News Digest: Private equity plan funds to invest solely in the NFL

April 28, 2024

News Digest:

Private equity companies are setting up new funds that would invest exclusively in the National Football League, the richest and most exclusive group of sports owners in the United States. They are considering this move as a potential precondition to hold stakes in teams that make up the world’s richest professional sports league, says a news report.

Over the past year, NFL owners have been reviewing ownership policy regulations in order to develop new bylaws to govern potential private equity stakes in teams. The report says at least two PE firms have started exploring investor interest in an NFL fund.


Other sports organizations in the US such as the NBA, NHL, and MLS opened their doors to private equity funds to offset the liquidity crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic. The first to do so was Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2019. The report said NFL owners could approve institutional investments by May once they decide on the regulations.

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